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The Avid Assistant

A place for me to share my knowledge

Avid Offline/Post production Skills to anyone keen to learn


This is where it all started! I uploaded one tutorial video I made, initially as a joke and someone found it very helpful. So I made a couple more to help out some editor friends and they loved them too!

Before long this became an ever-growing collection of tutorials, opinion pieces and discussion videos on everything Avid and post production. There's everything here from videos on new Avid features and updates, workflow tips and how tos, all the way through to a full course on Assistant Editing!


After a while it kept becoming a suggestion for me to create a Patreon page. I was hesitant at first as I didn't think I was there yet. Didn't think the quality was up to snuff for people to pay money for it. It's a big step!!

Eventually though I took the plunge and dedicated the Patreon page to more subjective content. Revealing Behind the scenes content, early access, my own personal workflows in the form of my "How I Would Do It" series and even downloadable assets you can use in your Avid work!!

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