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After working in editorial of scripted HETV and feature films for 12 years, I definitely have the experience to guide your edit through to completion.


Whether you're looking for someone to guide your project through VFX, budgeting or just a great editorial story-teller, I'm your guy!


I maintain a full Avid kit and software license that 

can be scaled from a portable setup for on-set editing all the way to a full Avid Suite comparable to that offered at any post facility. 


Whether you use it just for the Assembly or for the project's entire edit, it's a great way to make your budget go that much further!


Safe hands.

With experience in anything comes a professional practiced hand. Prior to being an Editor I spent years as an Assistant Editor and VFX Editor where I designed editorial workflows, created automated scripts for efficiency and learned my software tools inside and out to the point of teaching them at institutions

like the BBC.


Any project you leave with me is in safe hands.

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