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Jack Brown

Editor. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
Story-telling has always been a good fit for me. I spend more hours than I can admit watching movies or TV and am always dreaming up of new tales and worlds to excite my kids over. Now whether that means dressing up as a Jedi to go to the cinema for Star Wars or blitzing through six seasons of a show before I start work on it, my passion and respect for stories knows no limits. This love for story is what I'll bring to yours in the cutting room chair. I absolutely LOVE working with a director to sculpt how a film is told on screen.

And when it comes to Editorial and post production, you can also trust in my technical skills. Having filled the role of a Data Wrangler, Assistant Editor, 2nd Assist, 1st Assist, VFX Editor and now, Editor. I've thrived on finding the most efficient ways to do tasks with tools like macros scripting and my stream deck!
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